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WHAT'S ON? Art classes in Solihull

A guide to which art classes with Art at the Heart would be the most suitable for you.

Art classes in solihull: Art Club toucan identity
  • For artists aged 7-9
  • Fun, experimental learning
  • Supports Arts Award 
  • Term-time only
  • For artists aged 10-13
  • Curiousity and inventiveness nurtured
  • Conduct creative experiments
  • Supports Arts Award
Wednesdays after school 4.45-6.15 (combined with Art Club)
  • Teen artists age 13+
  • Explore ideas/identity through art
  • Supports GCSE/A Level Art/Arts Award
Art classes in Solihull: Image produced in an evening art classes for adults in Solihull and Birmingham
  • For artists of all abilities (“I can’t draw to save my life ” to artists looking for a tribe).
  • Classes to suit individual needs
  • Everybody welcome
Art classes in Solihull: image of families with their artwork produced in family arts workshops with Art at the Heart CIC at The core in Solihull
  • During school holidays
  • Holi 2023 celebration coming up in Spring
  • Make art alongside your children
  • All children need to be accompanied
  • Age 3 upwards
  • Scheduled throughout the year.
  • Usually low cost or free
  • Great for families
  • Holi 2023 celebrations in the spring

Check out our BRAND NEW workshops recommended for artists ages 6-16. Workshops are online and in-person, during holidays and term-times– there is a session to suit everyone!

Our Solihull based art classes are suitable for anyone interested in developing their art skills. All you need is an open mind and the desire to make art. We can help with all the rest! 

Art at the Heart’s art classes are a great way of supporting wellbeing and developing important life skills such as confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, critical thinking, both verbal and non-verbal communication, teamwork and leadership. Consequently, children get a great head start in life.

If you can’t get to the live sessions, why not give our live online sessions a go? These were developed during lockdown and are great if you live too far away or can’t get to the live workshops.

Feedback is the single most important thing that will make you improve as as an artist faster. Our live online sessions show you step-by-step how to make fantastic drawings with instant feedback from artist educators. Look out for the online Me&MyPencil workshops and the online Drawing and Painting Masterclasses which are via zoom.

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