Volunteer, Ryan

I started volunteering at Art at the Heart as a new graduate looking to gain experience in the creative industry. Throughout this time, Mukesh and Kamaljit supported me by offering new opportunities whilst developing my own ideas and pushing them to their full potential. Both were open and happy for me to contribute to projects, and provided me with continuous feedback. This made me feel like a valued member of the team and felt that Mukesh and Kamaljit had a genuine desire for me to succeed and to help others. This desire to help others is evident in everything that Art and the Heart does. They have taught me the importance of the arts and the beneficial impact it has on the well-being of a community.

During this time, I had the opportunity to work on a live brief for Breast Haven. This provided me with valuable experience which supported me in broadening my understanding of real-life projects, and building relationships with professionals which in turn built my confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Art at the Heart, since volunteering, I have returned to assist with teaching and sharing knowledge with younger creatives at their ‘Arty Party’ events. As a recent graduate, the idea of finding a new job was an intimidating task. However, my time with Mukesh and Kamaljit was a great place to start my career; I was able to develop crucial management and social skills which improved my employability as a Graphic Designer.