School, Sue McCutcheon, Deputy Head Teacher, Langley Primary

The Diwali shadow puppetry assembly you created with the children was delightful.  For me, I felt sheer joy as I watched the children watching the shadow puppetry and for this reason. In a world where technology moves at a rapid pace, it brings with it many positives for example,  people live longer and healthier lives, in part, due to technological advancements. However, we also see unhealthy addictive behaviours emerging , not only in children but adults too. Most of us will know of someone who is struggling to detach their child from a mobile phone or Playstation game and such like. In turn, this can mean they have less sleep than they should or that they struggle to concentrate for reasonable periods of time.

Watching the children that day gave me hope. All of them were completely focussed on this ancient form of storytelling, which uses nothing more than light, cut out figures, a translucent screen and oral storytelling.  Thank you to Art at the Heart for reminding us of the power of art.