School, Debbie Laird, Curriculum Leader of CAAT Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Here at OSCA we were thrilled at the chance to work with Art at the Heart CIC in sharing their vision of adding value to communities through inclusive arts and culture.

The project has given our year 8 students the chance to work with an external agency on an exciting project that incorporates elements of both Art and PSHE. The experience thus far enables students to gain so much in terms of teamwork, leadership, communication, time management and the enjoyment of investigating and experimenting with a range of art media and techniques.

We have been so pleased with the work ethic, motivation and outcomes that students have created over the period of the project that we felt they should gain formal recognition through Arts Award – all have been entered. The students really flourished in terms of confidence, problem solving and thinking outside the box.

On a personal level, it has been a rewarding experience to work alongside Mukesh again. Mukesh was my Art teacher and tutor at Dudley College where I studied my A levels. Observing my teacher teaching my students was thrilling, knowing the wealth and experience that Mukesh brings to the classroom and the learning experiences he promotes to students. I would highly recommend Art at the Heart CIC to any educational establishment to incorporate the chance of students working with an artist in residence to promote projects that are cross-curricular focusing on both Art and PSHE.