What our community says:

Some of the feedback we have collected from participants of our courses.

Parent, Beverley

Thank you for another great class! The children loved it and even sat this morning and drew it all over again… Will keep an eye on other upcoming classes. Thanks again.

Parent, Eve

Thank you Mukesh once again for a wonderful art evening. H…… is thoroughly enjoying herself and we are amazed at the work she is producing. Thank you.

Parent, Emily

Dear Mukesh and all at Art at the Heart, R…. loved the last drawing class with you, he’s so proud of his drawing of the puppy! I’m loving seeing him loosen up and become more expressive with his drawing, so thank you! I’ve just enrolled him on your 5-week drawing course, he can’t wait! thank you so much for your inspiration and care.

Parent, Sarah W

Thanks so much for tonights session, what a wonderful class!

Parent, Sue

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from the Masterclass drawing course. Mukesh is an excellent tutor, using step by step approach to develop the students’ drawing skills; how to look at their subject and drawing to a really sophisticated level, with such a young group. His patient and friendly approach put the students at ease and they were able to ask him any questions.

It was fun, and it was amazing to see their drawings.

Thank you, Mukesh. I also appreciated the guidance too.

We’re recommending your courses to some friends too. Hope you have as much fun with other groups.

Parent, Sarah W

Huge thanks for the wonderful course, you are so amazing at constantly encouraging them which is no mean feet over zoom! It was wonderful to see the development not only in W….’s drawing but confidence with a group of people he didn’t know and willingness to share, we’ll definitely be doing the course in Feb so please sign woody up! I’ll recommend to people we know.

See you for the snow leopard course.

Student, W….

“I really liked the sessions where we worked on drawings over two weeks and Mukesh helped me keep working on the drawing that I thought I had finished, I want to do the next one”.

Student, R….

“Thank you so much for all the classes, I’ve really enjoyed them and I’m really happy with my self-portrait. You’ve really taught me a lot about the angles of the face and the eyes. It’s been very good to learn new things about shading. I’m sad now it’s finished but I hope I can do the next class too”.

Parents, Emily and Ed

Thank you for your brilliant, clear teaching and you kindness which shines through! Ed and I have so enjoyed listening to you and watching R…. learn. We’d never have thought a zoom class would be so much fun, so completely engaging and push all the children so much. Thank you so much, you’re a wonderful teacher!

R…. would love to do the stage 2 course 

So we’ll be seeing you again soon!

School, Debbie Laird, Curriculum Leader of CAAT Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Here at OSCA we were thrilled at the chance to work with Art at the Heart CIC in sharing their vision of adding value to communities through inclusive arts and culture.

The project has given our year 8 students the chance to work with an external agency on an exciting project that incorporates elements of both Art and PSHE. The experience thus far enables students to gain so much in terms of teamwork, leadership, communication, time management and the enjoyment of investigating and experimenting with a range of art media and techniques.

We have been so pleased with the work ethic, motivation and outcomes that students have created over the period of the project that we felt they should gain formal recognition through Arts Award – all have been entered. The students really flourished in terms of confidence, problem solving and thinking outside the box.

On a personal level, it has been a rewarding experience to work alongside Mukesh again. Mukesh was my Art teacher and tutor at Dudley College where I studied my A levels. Observing my teacher teaching my students was thrilling, knowing the wealth and experience that Mukesh brings to the classroom and the learning experiences he promotes to students. I would highly recommend Art at the Heart CIC to any educational establishment to incorporate the chance of students working with an artist in residence to promote projects that are cross-curricular focusing on both Art and PSHE.