Reading Friends​

Unfolding Stories and Solihull Reading Friends Programme

Unfolding Stories is part of Reading Friends, a Reading agency initiative. Solihull Reading Friends programme is a new collaboration between Solihull Libraries, The Core Theatre, Solihull and Art at the Heart CIC with the aim of starting conversations and connecting people who are lonely and isolated. We do this through a varied programme offering a number of free workshops and events of which Unfolding Stories is one. All workshops are fully funded by The Reading Agency. If you would like  more information on the whole programme visit What’s On at The Core.

Learning to Read Origami Instructions with Reading Friends
Origami paper sculptures created for Reading Friends Project

Frustrated with origami instructions that promise so much but deliver so little? Then join the FREE Unfolding Stories online workshops in February and March. Here, we will figure out the instructions as a group and see if we all end up with the same paper sculpture! Will it be folding fun or folding mayhem? Either way, it’s a chance to connect with other people online, at a time when meeting up is restricted and have a few laughs along the way.

Once we are comfortable with the instructions, we will start collecting words that describe our current experiences and then write them onto our origami paper. As we fold our paper sculptures, some of the words will become hidden causing the text to change. When this happens, we will discover new stories unfolding alongside our folded creations. What will the fragments of text that reveal themselves mean? What story will they tell? 

When we’ve finished, we’ll be using our origami creations to decorate the windows of The Core, Olton Library and Balsall Common Library. So don’t forget to send pictures of your creations to

Unfolding Stories Workshop Dates:  

23rd February, Tues, taster sessions (10 am, 12 noon, 7 pm)

27th February, Sat taster session (10 am) 

All sessions need to be booked with enough time to allow us to send zoom codes out. Because of this, bookings will close a few hours before the event or Fridays for Saturday events. Consequently, please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

9th March,  Tues, 7-8 pm (Adults) 

16th March,  Tues, 7-8 pm (Family)

23rd March, Tues, 10-11 am (Adults) 

13th March, Sat, 10-11 am (Adults)

20th March, Sat 10-11 am (Family)

Useful Resources

Free downloadable origami paper to print at home or you can ask for some from The Core if there is time to post them out before the workshop.

Origami horse instructions if you want to have a go!

Tell us where to send your free printable