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Mukesh Kumar

Director, Artist Educator, Mentor, Consultant

Mukesh is inspired by the capacity of people. His pioneering work empowered young people to shape post 16 creative arts education in Birmingham, gaining National Winner of the TES FE Award for Outstanding Innovation in Teaching and Learning (2011) and being cited for best practice by DfE (2015)*.

Prior to holding senior leadership roles, including Vice Principal, Director of Creative & Performing Arts, Mukesh was the first South Asian visual arts lecturer in the West Midlands. These positions facilitated broader community thinking around the cultural barriers facing young people of BAME heritage aspiring to careers the arts. This continues to form an important part of Mukesh’s social mission today.

Mukesh advocates collaborative problem-solving and works to develop a cross-sector approach to offer new perspectives on social challenges. He is a graduate of Common Purpose.

*Sharing Innovative Approaches and Overcoming Barriers in Delivering 16-19 Study Programmes’ Principles. (Nfer/DfE, April 2015)

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