Laura McHale

Lara McHale

Impact Research Intern

Having completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Birmingham, I will be using the skills I have learnt over the past 4 years in research and mental health to help Art at the Heart CIC further and grow their fantastic work.

A little about me…during my time at school I studied the performing arts (Dance, Drama & Music). One of the key A-Levels that got me into university was a Dance A-Level from the Royal Academy of Dance in London. During the summer time throughout my degree I wanted to merge my psychology and performing knowledge, so went to Sri Lanka where I worked with the Sunera Foundation. This was an amazing organisation who use the creative arts as a therapeutic tool to express oneself and develop new skills in a fun and engaging way. The impact the children experienced out there from the various drama, dance, art, meditative etc activities was incredible and I was delighted to come across Art at the Heart who are having a similar impact here in the UK.

I am incredibly excited to use the knowledge I have gained throughout the years to help Art at the Heart CIC continue to have the incredible impact they have had already and on a bigger scale. Here’s to bringing people/families closer together, spreading wellbeing and creativity!

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