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Kamaljit Suman

Director, Artist Educator

Kamaljit is a strong believer in the power of arts activism. Moving fluidly between digital technology and traditional drawing skills, Kamaljit’s work explores the role of humanity in the digital age. She advocates the use of arts rich learning to develop spirituality alongside digital skills and champions design thinking as a mindset and process that should be widely adopted by all. With an arts and graphics lecturing background, she has had ample opportunity to develop these ideas in practice.

As a British Indian woman and working mum, she understands the issues being faced by women in general and Indian women in particular. Committed to actively promoting equality, Kamaljit aims to address unconscious bias, the hidden prejudice that undermines the equality agenda. Her work as a Quality Manager with lead responsibility for equality and diversity, was a real eye-opener to the magnitude of the task at hand. 

Seeing access to the arts as a social justice issue, Kamaljit seeks to empower people using design thinking to break through barriers and accelerate change.


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