Andria Hadjisavva

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

I am a young and energetic graduate, now looking to start my career in the creative industry. I studied at the University of Wolverhampton and in 2018, I graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Animation.

As a passionate artist, I spend a lot of time developing my artistic skills even further. In my free time, I work on different art projects such as painting, collages, pottery and embroidery. I also enjoy photography and I often take pictures so I can constantly build on my composition and editing skills that I have learnt throughout my career. I have experience working with Adobe Creative Suit and other digital software, such as ProCreate and Sharpr3D.

I am now working as a Graphic Designer at Art at The Heart, supporting the team maintain the website. Being very enthusiastic about arts and since I enjoy working with children, I also volunteer at the Kid’s Club, helping the children express their creativity using different materials and techniques.

You can check out my website on the link below:

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