Meet the Team

Art at the Heart was founded by Kamaljit Suman and Mukesh Kumar in 2016.  Alarmed by the rising levels of mental health issues and the numbers of teenagers coming to art and design as a last resort, Kamaljit and Mukesh decided they needed to act. In 25 years in post 16 education, they had witnessed time and time again how arts and cultural education impacted positively on lives, not just in providing a career path, but  in other, more subtle ways, too. Giving people the skills to imagine and then make is an incredibly empowering force. The realisation that this mindset extends to any problem increases the capacity of people to act to improve their lives. 

Grounded in real world practice, with award winning results, Kamaljit and Mukesh set up Art at the Heart to work with communities, employers and schools to embed the arts into everyday life. Arts and culture can play a preventative role against some of society’s challenges assisting with reducing stress, increasing wellbeing and creative problem solving.

We  offer regular undergraduate internships, work experience and volunteering opportunities.

Kamaljit Suman profile photo

Kamaljit Suman

Director, Artist Educator
Mukesh profile

Mukesh Kumar

Director, Artist Educator, Mentor, Consultant
Ruth Joplin

Ruth Joplin

Non-executive Director
Zarine Kumar

Zarine Kumar

Workshop Support

Alice Gawthrop

Digital Media and Marketing Assistant
Carolyn Hay

Carolyn Hay

Research & Evaluation Consultant

John Roberts

Non Executive Director

Daphne Carter

Nigel Carter

Nigel Carter

Advisor: SEN Education

Debbie Laird

School Curriculum and PSHE Lead
Elly Joplin

Elly Joplin

Forest School and SEN Specialist
Eesha Walji

Eesha Walji

Board member representing the youth
Sophia Pang

Sophia Pang

Yoga Specialist



Andria Hadjisavva

Graphic Designer

Frankie Rhodes

Research Intern

Saskia Rots

Social Media Intern
Laura McHale

Lara McHale

Impact Research Intern
Aine O'Sullivan

Aine O’Sullivan

Research Intern
Jessica Tung

Jessica Tung

Research Intern