As Big as a Bus!

Since March, we have seen an explosion of artwork in the community. As we struggle to lift our  spirits and make sense of what is happening in the world, we have crafted, chalked, photographed and painted through lockdown—over windows, doors, pavements and social media! What talented artists you are!

With funding from the National Lottery and your help, we are going to put some of that energy into making artwork as BIG AS A BUS! That’s 12m x 3m!

With contributions from all of you, we will create a giant community artwork. This important visual record of artwork made during this historic period will be put on public display in Solihull next spring.

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How you can get involved

This community project is open to everybody–not just artists! Over the next couple of months, we’ll be putting a call out for artwork on different themes. All you have to do is create artwork in any medium based on the theme, take a photograph of it and email it to us when you are finished. Be sure to keep the original artwork for the exhibition. And keep contributing to projects as they are released! 

More on the themes below…



Partnering with inspirational organisations from the creative industries

We’re really excited to tell you that we have teamed up with Tektura Wallcoverings to support our projects. Tektura is a leading wall covering supplier to the international hotel market and commercial interiors sector who have taken an interest in our programmes with young people. They work with inspirational designers from all over the world and have given access to their beautiful wall covering samples for you to download for your craft and artwork.

It’s always fabulous when working designers connect with and inspire the next generation. Some of Tektura’s world renowned designers have taken time out of their busy schedules to contribute to BigAsABus. Thank you Dan Savage, Helen Strevens, Katja (from Ellie Pop) and Jonnie! You can see their contributions and find out more about them here.

The designers have inspired the children at our art clubs and featured in their Arts Awards sessions!


Katy from Elli Pop for Project Hanami

#BigAsABus Themes

1. Project Hanami

17th April - 31st August

The Japanese custom of Hanami celebrates the arrival of spring. Translated, “Hana” means “flower” and “Mi” means “look”. The Japanese have been gathering to admire the short-lived cherry blossom of spring for over a thousand years.

It is particularly poignant at this time as the delicate cherry blossom–sakura–symbolises the beauty, fragility and transience of life. It is a time for appreciation and making closer connections to others.

The giving of flowers is a cultural tradition in many countries. Flowers have a way of communicating deeply felt emotions without words be it love, gratitude, sympathy, grief, respect or thanks. Let’s capture the spirit of this spring blossom festival and use flowers to send messages to loved ones. 

Project Hanami Activities

Do one or all three activities as many times as you like


These activities can be used to support Arts Award, a suite of awards and qualifications designed to investigate routes into arts careers and leadership.

2. Making Waves

19th August - 30th September

What would a community wave look like? Over the summer when many of us may have cancelled sun and sea holidays and there is talk of a second wave of Covid-19, let’s reclaim the waves. Send postcards from wherever you are of your own spectacular waves to inspire and uplift your community. 

Water waves inspire artists and designers all over the world. Every wave is unique—its colour, pattern, size and sound. A wave is also a universal non-verbal gesture to greet people!  

Make your own waves in any media. They can refresh, rejuvenate and greet while we continue to social distance or share your own interpretation. 

Making Waves Activities

Share your ideas or do the suggested activities.

These activities can be used to support Arts Award, a suite of awards and qualifications designed to investigate routes into arts careers and leadership.

3. Message in a Bottle

1st - 31st October (This idea came from the community)

Message in a bottle for #BigAsABus

Check back soon! We are in the process of updating this section 😊