As Big as a Bus!

2. Making Waves Activities

5th-31st August. Submit artwork as many times as you like

This activity can be used to support Arts Award. Find out more about Arts Award.


Think about what type of waves inspire you, such as: dramatic, swirly, intricate, calm, abstract, indigo, origami or sleepy waves.

Look at photos (books or online) to get inspired and see how artists and designers have depicted waves.  Hokusai’s famous Great Wave is always inspiring! Or learn from Maggi Hambling’s work.

Take a look Tektura‘s designs by world class artists.

Create your wave

Remember you can paint, draw, sew, knit, or collage. You could even explore with origami or paper mosaics–let your imagination flow and create a unique wave!

Include a happy message (like you’re waving to a friend). You could hide your message or make it follow the shape of your wave. 

Work any size up to A1 (594 x 841mm)

3D or 4D Waves

Your work does not have to be 2D!

You can work in 3D relief on a flat surface or make sculptures out of paper, found materials, or clay.

You could even work in 4D and incorporate time by recording video or stop motion animation. You are only limited by your imagination!


When you’ve finished

  • Photograph your artwork on a plain background. 
  • Email to (large files can be sent by wetransfer–a completely free service). Put Making Waves in the Subject. 
  • Include the artist’s name, age and the first part of your postcode (eg B92 if your postcode is B92 7EA)
  • Add the name of the person with whom we should communicate for exhibition purposes
  • Keep all original artwork safe—we will need this later for the exhibition
  • Sign up for updates below if you would like to see what happens to your artwork
All the artwork captures precious moments in time. We would like to thank you in advance for sharing your work with us. Your work will document a world-changing event and make a fabulous celebration of community spirit. We look forward to making the big community wave artwork over the coming months.