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TES FE Award for Outstanding Innovation in Teaching & Learning 2011 (FEED Initiative)
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Inspired by FEED Model: ‘Sharing Innovative Approaches and Overcoming Barriers in 16-19…’ Nfer/DfE, April 2015

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Combating inequality through creative and cultural education

We empower young people to smash through glass ceilings. Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We help young people to dream big encouraging the youth of today to become the change makers of tomorrow.

Firmly grounded in 30 years of creative arts education practice, with award winning results, we are now working hard in the community to address the two key societal challenges of the day–inequality and poor wellbeing.

Find out how you can tap into the arts to address both of these challenges.

Our Voices Heard

Birmingham is a diverse, vibrant and young city full of people from all backgrounds. The future of the city depends on what we do now to nurture our children and young people. ‘Our Voices Heard’ is a creative listening exercise designed to give confidence to diverse groups in sharing experiences of the 0-19 Healthy Child Programme.

Workshop Programme

commitment to accessibility

Family friendly arts activities at easily accessible venues

 Art at the Heart is committed to making our arts activities accessible for all. The venues from which we operate are carefully selected to be family friendly, with easy access for buggies and wheelchair users. All have baby-changing and easy access facilities, with access to drinking water, with some venues offering refreshments. 

The Courtyard Gallery in The Core, Solihull has additional seating available on request if required. If arriving by car, there is lift access from the subterranean car park to gallery level as well as ramp access from Homer Road.

Langley Primary School has free parking outside with a slight ramp to access The Hive.

If you have enquiries/worries or suggestions about facilities, please do make sure to contact us at

[email protected] or telephone 07772 319303

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